Merika 75 mm floor drain high model 32 mm sideoutlet

Merika code: 198
EAN code: 6415833114161
HVAC number: 3311416
RSK number: 7110769
  • By removing the build up wedges (2 pcs) the height of the build up ring can be adjusted without cutting the build up ring.
  • Sufficient incline for the dry drain connected to the side outlet and sufficient space for the floor heating system.
  • The drain has a new water lock which can be retrofitted with a back pressure M-196 which prevents the drain from drying.
  • The water lock has a lifting handle for easy cleaning.
  • The flow: 1,5 l/s.
  • 12 pcs / box.
  • 240 pcs / pall.

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