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Quality- and environmental policy

Meriser Ltd is involved in product development, designing, tool manufacturing, product testing and serial production of injection and extrusion moulding plastic products, as well as marketing their own products.

Our main goal is to meet our customers’ needs and find the most appropriate solution for each situation. Our goal is to provide our customers with advanced, competitive and high-quality products, precisely in accordance with the agreed delivery. We are respectable and reliable as a partner, and we comply with agreed commitments, as well as laws and regulations set by society.

Our success is based on continuous improvement of staff skills and motivation, devices and methods that are used, as well as other activities. Each one of our employees is responsible for the quality of their own work and their actions, and is committed to work towards achieving the quality and environmental goals that we have set. Quality is a common purpose for the entire staff. The quality of our operations, products and the environment is a common interest for all our staff.

The Meriser management gives the entire personnel possibilities for achieving the set goal by ensuring the adequacy of resources, as well as the maintenance and improvement of professional skills across the organisation.


We ensure profitable business growth in the long term, and we offer customers only quality products and services at a reasonable price level. We retain and strengthen the reputation, which we have achieved as a professional high-level operator. We enjoy the confidence of our customers and improve customer loyalty. We operate in a way that respects the well-being of the environment and prevents harmful environmental impacts.


We want to develop our business, improve our products and the quality of our services, raise the level of our services, as well as introduce new innovative technologies. We want to expand our market share for the wholesale and retail markets of plastic products.

Our values

Our team. We trust that our employees are experts in their fields, as well as they are continuously developing their skills.

Teamwork. We appreciate both our regular customers and our partners. We are a reliable and flexible partner. We pay attention to our clients and partners also on a personal level.

Development. We do not stop with what we have already achieved, we’re constantly looking for new development opportunities and we aim to improve our management system.

Caring. We believe that success cannot be achieved just with professionalism, but also by being socially responsible.