Complaints directive

  • The customer has the right to complain within the eight (8) reclamation days:
  • Delivery error
    1. Product missing in delivery
    2. Wrong quantity delivered
    3. Wrong product delivered
  • Order error
    1. Customer has ordered a wrong product and wants to return it.
    2. Error in the order by Meriser Oy seller (the customer should always check the order confirmation).
  • A complaint must be submitted for the defective product immediately after the product failure occurs, but not later than three (3) months from delivery. Products with a warranty are an exception.
  • A complaint must be submitted for a pricing mistake immediately on receipt of the invoice. An error does not entitle the customer to delay payment of the invoice. A complaint must be submitted for faults in warranted products immediately upon the occurrence of the defect.
  • The customer must always fill in the complaints form and be in touch with a Meriser Oy seller. A complaint can be made by sending a completed complaint form to
  • Meriser Ltd does not deal with complaints, which have not been filled in on the company's complaint form. The form is available on Meriser Ltd website.


Cause of the complaint:
Information about the buyer of the product
Contact person*
The address where the product is (if not the same as that of the buyer)
Information about the claimed product
Product name:
Product number / date of manufacture:
Date of purchase:
Order number:
Date when fault was noticed:
Date of error notification:
Recipient of the error notification:
Description of the fault:
Other information:
Handler of the complaint:
This form must always be submitted to Meriser Ltd. with the product. Meriser Ltd will not take action, unless the form has been submitted.
  I have read and I accept the complaint directive and the return policies.